Have you heard of the new Transloc Rider app? If not, you're missing out!

TransLoc, a leading provider of transit technology across the country, partnered with Uber and the Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) to launch a pilot of the TransLoc Rider mobile app in Memphis. The app helps connect several modes of transport to make getting from here to there as simple as possible.

One of the biggest barriers to using public transportation is the distance to and from the closest transit stop, often called the "first/last mile gap." The TransLoc Rider app addresses this problem by supplementing MATA's fixed-service routes with Uber and removing the complexities of trip planning when multiple modes are required.

Users simply enter their final destination and the app calculates the best route, combining walking, transit and Uber. It provides several options that optimize for price and time to destination. You can even hail and book your Uber driver directly through the app!

The team behind the effort hopes the pilot will increase and attract new riders to MATA and increase usage of public transit. According to research, the more that people use shared modes of transportation the more likely they are to use transit.

“We are excited to partner with TransLoc and Uber to help expand options for our customers,” said Ron Garrison, CEO of MATA. “As technology advances, transit agencies must embrace it and find a way to make it effective for all customers.”

You can download TransLoc Rider through the app store or at