Melanie and Kent Pafford, Co-founders of streetdog foundation

Melanie and Kent Pafford, Co-founders of streetdog foundation

By Kelcie Beharelle

A native of downtown Memphis for 13 years, Melanie Pafford discovered her mission in life to keep dogs away from the pound. She helped found the Streetdog Foundation, which has rescued over 750 dogs off the streets. 

Melanie's inspiration was guided by downtown's own, Dr. Williams of Grace Animal Hospital. He has supported her continuously by being the organization's veterinarian. If you're a pet owner downtown, this is where she recommends take your furry loved one.   

Streetdog has helped influence volunteers from all parts of Memphis. Their volunteers have the opportunity to explore the dog patios at restaurants, cafes, and bars of our beautiful city while helping walk the dogs. 

“Howlin’ at The Moon” is their largest event and is hosted annually downtown. If you like attending exciting events while participating in a good cause, make sure to get your tickets for it this November. 

Coming up on soon, June 12th from 1-6pm High Cotton Brewery will be supporting Streetdog by allowing you to meet adoptable pups who get to roam around the brewery while you sip on $3 beer! One day she hopes to even start a “Downtown Dog Day” to further help spread awareness. 

Streetdog is a “mom and pop rescue” that our neighborhood will forever support. Melanie has high hopes and dreams for her foundation. To volunteer or learn more about the organization, visit their site.