Why Memphis DNA?

The Downtown Neighborhood Association is a non-profit, community organization comprised of nearly 200 individuals and business members. DNA works to promote, enhance and protect the quality of life in the downtown area. DNA also maintains and fosters a spirit of community for downtown residents, businesses and visitors.  Here are just a few reasons to join us!


The DNA is comprised of all walks of people from all parts of Downtown Memphis. We embrace all our neighbors from the residential north and south, the urban core, and the suburban Island. We welcome homeowners and renters, professionals and students, workaholics and retirees, and everyone in between. We are one community with one goal - a unified voice of Downtowners working together to better our Downtown.


The DNA is not a political group, but is a civic group. We work with our city leaders on confronting Downtown issues and do not focus on partisanship. We are all in the same community, regardless of what may be our ideologies.


This is YOUR DNA, and as such we work to represent your needs. There are no back-room deals at DNA; we encourage public meetings, public displays, and public involvement to address the issues affecting Downtown.


We get involved at DNA. From volunteering to help clean litter off the streets to sitting on other Downtown-focused boards and commissions, DNA is involved in the Downtown Community.


DNA offers unique opportunities to meet people you would never have the time to otherwise. We offer a wide variety of programs for a chance to bring everyone together - some more focused on the community and others all about having fun and socializing. Everyone gets to pick the gatherings that best suit their needs!

Come to our meetings!


You're Invited!

On the fourth Tuesday of every month, DNA hosts a membership meeting at a local business or event space and invites a city leader to come speak and answer questions. We've hosted elected officials, prominent CEOs, celebrities and other local leaders. You can find details on our next member meeting on our events section (located at top of the page/navigation bar) or our facebook page!

Wine and snacks are served. Attendance is free for members and $10 for guests.

Membership Levels