By Terry Woodard

Ms. Kay Woodard

Ms. Kay Woodard

Ms. Kay Woodard moved downtown in 1996 after the death of her husband of 49 years. Ms. Kay chose the 8th floor of the Rivermark Apartments because of the view. While living at the Rivermark she made many new friends such as Soul singer Isaac Hayes and his wife Ashuwa, Blues singer Barbara Blue and Jazz singer Donna Lee. Her new life was filled with parties and music, which was just the right recipe for the retired singer and avid partygoer. 

While at the Rivermark Ms. Kay had her “cream puff” white Lincoln to drive wherever she wanted but once she decided to put the keys away she moved to the heart of South Main into her condo at the St. Martin. At the St. Martin she didn’t have to worry about getting around because she had the trolley to take her everywhere she needed.  

It was while living in South Main that Ms. Kay became involved in the South Main Association and made many more new friends. While being involved with the association she was asked to be the host on the newly founded monthly “Trolley Tour”. Ms. Kay and her old friend Donna Lee would stay on the designated trolley that was decorated for the night and serve champagne to the riders. They also entertained them with songs and music. Donna Lee’s rendition of “The Trolley Song” was a big hit and everyone loved Ms. Kay. 

Ms. Kay became a member of the Downtown Neighborhood Association in 2000. It was there that she met even more wonderful friends. She once told someone that she considered the monthly meetings a “Happy Hour” and loved hearing the speakers so she could get the scoop on what was happening downtown. 

Ms. Kay has always loved a good Happy Hour and can be found most Fridays around 5pm at the Blue Monkey having a Cosmo with her downtown friends. 

Over the 20 years that Ms. Kay has lived downtown she has reigned as one of the “Queens of South Main” with humor and an energy that is hard to match. When asked she would reply, “Moving downtown kept her young.”