Learn the story behind the name.

buddy loflin and marcy siebert at loflin yard

buddy loflin and marcy siebert at loflin yard

By Kelcie Beharelle

Loflin Yard is one of the hottest new spots in the city of Memphis – but who is Loflin? The name comes from Buddy Loflin, a Memphis locksmith with a long and rich legacy in the downtown area. Last year he retired his shop which became a central part of Loflin Yard's bar.

Growing up in the downtown community, he learned his trade from his father. After years of honing his skill, he took over running his father’s shop in 1962 with a vision to not only craft keys, but to also create a space where people from the community could come to relax and talk about the affairs of the town. Through the years Buddy has worked with all types of people, hotels, and businesses across Memphis. In the past, he would routinely make up to 40 keys a week for the old Arcade Hotel. Now, even still, he helps friends and other businesses that call on his expertise privately.

Since opening, Loflin Yard has seen a tremendous amount of support from the community who have longed for a fresh outdoor venue with live music. If you are looking for an outdoor spot to enjoy a beautiful downtown evening, this is the place. During the day, Loflin Yard offers lunch specials and seasonal salads using locally sourced ingredients, including those found at the Downtown Farmer’s Market. With all the attention, there are plans in place to add more to their cocktail and food menu including a sausage and cheese plate, as well as smoked wings.

To keep guests entertained, there are numerous games and activities located throughout the Yard. With summer in full effect, keeping cool is a must and Loflin’s helps accommodate its guests with waterslides and sprinklers, adding to the backyard feeling. There is even a mention of the possibility of boozy popsicles! In order to keep their patrons cozy in the coming Fall season they are adding gas lines to run heaters along with fire pits throughout the backyard. Also, keep an eye on their social media. They have all sorts of ideas in mind ranging from football watch parties to movie nights. In honor of Buddy, his family, and his craft, the first safe he ever worked on has been retrofitted into the counter within the main bar. Think about that the next time you are ordering a refreshing beverage from Loflin Yard.