On Thursday, October 27th downtown residents gathered for the monthly safety meeting at the Halloran Center. Guest speakers included Harold Collins- Vice President For Community Engagement Memphis/ Shelby County Crime Commission, Bill Gibbons -President & CEO Memphis/Shelby County Crime Commission, North Main Station Colonel Gloria Bullock and LTC Keith Watson. Here are some headlines from the meeting:

  • Colonel Bullock of North Main Police Precinct advises to keep calling with anything suspicious. We are the eyes and ears of the community. They made 2 serious arrests this past week. One was a drug dealer and the other was the man stealing and breaking into several condo buildings in the South Main area.
  • Harold Collins and Bill Gibbons are working on a new Operation: Safe Community action plan. Priorities include strengthen community engagement in crime prevention, reduce violent street crime, reduce number of juveniles committing delinquent acts, reduce domestic violence, and reduce the number of repeat offenders. You can learn more here.
  • Linda Granell of the South Main Association is chairing a committee to write grants to Neighborhood Watch for cameras and lighting in the South Main Area.
  • The next Downtown Safety Meeting will be Thursday December 1, 2016 6pm-7:15pm.