Hospitality HUB (2010-2011)

Armed with only the desire to better educate ourselves on the needs of the homeless population in our Downtown, your DNA has spent the last two years visiting various care providers. We have talked with those in need and those filling those needs. One organization that has been dubbed the "gateway" for helping those seeking help is the Hospitality HUB. The HUB's mission is a simple one - do what they can to help people get off and stay off the streets. The DNA, in cooperation with the Center City Commission, has sponsored a Grant in 2011 to assist them in their mission. DNA and CCC were recently thankedby Chairman Bill Henry for our outreach and how our funding helped the HUB get past a downturn and now qualify for even more funding possibilities. For more on the Hospitality HUB, or for volunteer opportunities, please visit

Our Goal:

"With respect to Homelessness in the Downtown area – The Downtown Neighborhood Association strives to educate itself on the programs and organizations that are available or currently proposed to address Homelessness in Memphis. The DNA will then guide our DNA constituents, our political systems, and our faith-based organizations to support those programs found to be most effective. The DNA supports programs that do not enable people to stay on the street, but rather supports those that enable people to regain control of their own lives and stay off the street. “